GYPSY ROSE LEE 1937 Vintage Original COLOR CARBRO Camera Separation Negatives

PROVENANCE: Dating to early 1937, this very rare set of three vintage original 5" x 7" acetate camera separation negatives of Gypsy Rose Lee stripping were captured by New York's Daily News color camera department. The final natural color image created by these actual negatives appeared on the SUNDAY NEWS cover dated May 2, 1937 (see below). Note - This is the only existing complete set of original negatives of this particular image.

HISTORY: Harry Warnecke was photo editor of the Daily News at the time and first introduced color to the paper in the mid 1930's, working almost exlusively with tri-color carbros. He liked the high pigmentation of carbros, but not the expense and time required by the process. His experiments in making color carbros cheaper, faster, and more adaptable to news photography yielded only slight modifications. Similar in concept to Hessercolor, this color system involved three separate greyscale negatives, each one exposed through a colored filter within the tri-color camera. These filters separated the colors of the subject into three records (cyan, magenta and yellow). Hence why the negatives were called separations , each one a black and white record of a color value. Each negative basically recorded a greyscale version of what the camera's color filters allowed to pass through. Finally, from these
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