Gzhel Peasant Woman Carrying Dual Water Buckets on Shoulders Russian Figurine

This auction is for a Russian Porcelain Figurine from the Gzhel company
Peasant Woman in traditiona l headdress and outerwear , carrying water buckets
Traditional Blue and White Gzhel, probably made i n the 1950's or 60's
The underside is imprinted , please zoom in
EXCELLENT condition like new
My collection began in the early 1970' s when I received some from friends in Germany
Visited Russia, collected a few while there
In the early 80's bought more from Russia M erchants on Geary Street, in San Francisco
Thanks for looking
The name Gzhel became associated with pottery in the 14th century. Gzhel pottery was originally created by potters in their homes, however fairly early on these potters started to organize into workshops to increase production. The workshops eventually became a factory with pieces being formed in moulds and potters being responsible for separate pieces, a specific style, or decoration. The earliest pieces were created of earthenware . The pottery was painted solid white with distinctive blue designs. Pottery was also produced using a tin based white glaze and coloured glaze designs in blue, green, yellow, and brown, rather than just blue on a white background, in a style that is referred to as Maiolica . The body colour of earthenware varies depending on the raw
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