B&H Bradley & Hubbard Oil Lamp Flame Spreaders (4) Dated 1800's


Guaranteed OLD from the 1800's and Authentic Bradley & Hubbard Flame Spreaders.

A Nice, Fantastic Collection of FOUR (4) Solid Brass Old Oil Lamp Flame Spreaders.

Each is stamped or embossed on the top B&H and dated.
(1) is marked : "THE B&H LAMP PAT'D AUG.20. & OCT15.1889
(1) is marked : B&H PATENTED JULY.1.90 NOV,20 84
(1) is marked: B&H PAT'D NOV 20 94 MAR 14 11 APR 23 95
(1) is marked: B&H PATENTED JULY 1, 1890 this is the shiny one. Why is this one shiny?? Someone cleaned the brass and polished it.
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