H Calpini 1930s-1940s Vintage Japanese Themed

These companion paintings of Japanese scenes are captivating! Signed by H Calpini, the artist, they show scenes by water--one of two men, one reading a scroll and one playing an instrument, and another of two women sewing while a bird looks on from the overhanging cherry tree. They are similar in composition--both include water, the overhanging cherry tree, and show the persons seated with one higher than the other within the scene.

They are captivating both in color and detail! They are framed in wooden "Chinese red" painted frames which, in themselves, are relatively ornate. These frames have scalloped edging and an inner frame painted with gold paint. The images themselves show a variety of strong colors, both pastels and primary colors: red, spring green, peach, black, gold, grey, yellow, dark green, purple...and are signed in gold by the artist in the lower right hand corner.

Although I felt they could be original prints, I have inspected them closely and have determined they are paintings--most probably a form of water color. The images are covered with glass. The frames measure 14 x 17 inches with an image size of 10 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches.

Considering the approximate late 1930s-mid-1940s vintage of these works, these paintings are in nearly perfect condition. Small nicks in one of the frames are barely noticeable

Although I have yet to learn more about this artist in my research, I have dialogued with others who own similar paintings by this artist and who are struck by the sensitivity and color of the images presented.

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