O.H. Hoffmire & Son, Trumansbury, NY milk bottle

O.H. Hoffmire & Son, Trumansburg, NY round quart size milk bottle. This bottle is in excellent shape - no cracks or chips. It is from Trumansburg NY, a town that was established back in the time of the Revolutionary War. This is a short bio on how the name of the town was established :

"Trumanburg was settled by Abner Treman and his extended family after 1792. Treman, who was from Columbia County, New York, near the Berkshires, had been a captain in the Revolutionary War. For his service he had been awarded 600 acres of land in the "Military Tract". The land had been seized from the Iroquois by the new American government because the Iroquois did not show sufficient fervency for the American cause during the war. The town was named after his family, and was once called "Tremaine's Village." In making out his commission as PostMaster, the name of the place was mispelled "Trumansburg," and so it has remained."

The bottle has a picture on the back of a boy throwing a stick for a dog along with the words "PEP Growing Children with Milk". All of the writting is in red & also in excellent condition.

Styrofoam beads are not included.

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