H J Westerman Political Cartoon BEER BY CHRISTMAS! 1933

This is an original political cartoon by Harry James Westerman. This is the Original cartoon Westerman drew and gave to the editor to be published in the Ohio State Journal. . It measures 16.5 inches wide by 22 inches high. It is titled " Beer by Christmas ". F.D.R. campaigned that he would repeal prohibition by Christmas of 1933 if elected. He just made it. It was repealed Dec. 5, 1933! W it says Thirsty Voter it originally said Boob voter. Interesting change. Would like to know if Harry or an outside influence caused the edit! I will be offering more original pieces by Harry James Westerman in the future. He was my great grandfather. Don't miss my other Westerman cartoons currently listed. Feel free to write with any questions.

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Harry James Westerman, 1876-1945, Was a cartoonist, painter, and author of 'Book of cartoons' and 'The Lady Across
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