G&H Right-Angle 1/4" TS Nickel/Gold Plugs (36)

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"Show Savers" - The Copper Tipped Plugs!
(36) G&H Right-Angle 1/4" TS Nickel/Gold Plugs G&H Right-Angle 1/4" TS Nickel/Gold Plugs. Model - RF2P-NGG. 36 Brand New Connectors. Color - Gold Plated Plug with Nickel Housing.

G&H Right-Angle 1/4" TS Nickel/Gold:
The G&H Industries family of 1/4" are made for the trade. They are designed and manufactured to be the most reliable and easiest to solder audio connectors in the industry. G&H plugs can take more abuse, and they are far stronger than conventional plugs and Asian imports. By design, the G&H plugs keep working even if they are accidentally bent. The Ductile Oxygen-Free Copper Core allows the plugs to be straightened without breaking into pieces in your jack. The independent hot-and-ground assemblies make sure electrical integrity. It requires both of these features, not found on other plugs on the market today, to make the assembly reliable.

Copper Tipped Plugs ... "Made for the Trade" Made in the USA

The unique flanged-shape of the inner insulator makes it mechanically impossible for the hot and ground solder tabs to come into contact. NO CRACKLES or BUZZES - the ground circuit is a mechanically seperate assembly. The type 6 nylon insulators are not drastically affected by time, moisture, and temperature
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