H. Slater steel soled Gunmetal Infill Shoulder Plane

English Wood Infill Gunmetal Shoulder Plane with steel sole by maker H. Slater working at Meridith Street, Clerkenwell, London, England c.1870 - Extraordinarily beautiful tool. The tool is 1.5" wide, making it of extra mass for a shoulder plane. The added mass makes this tool a joy to use when fitting precise joinery. This plane is made in the Norris pattern but is larger, and I think more beautifully curved. All of the wooden parts of this spectacular plane are in wonderful condition. T are no cracks or evidence of repairs of any kind to the infill, wedge, or bed. The finish on the wood parts is original, with ample evidence from the small tool marks and dings that you would expect on a carefully used precision craftman's tooI of this age. T are no maker's marks on this tool but it is marked several times with the previous owner's name. "J. Kettle" is marked 4 times on the tool. Once at the toe of the wood infill, a second time on the wood bed for the iron, a third time on the underside of the wedge, and a fourth time on the iron. The mark on the iron is very faint. Because the owner's marks match, I believe the Iron is original to the tool and is near full length. It is not pitted anyw near the cutting edge. T is some minor pittting at the end opposite the cutting edge and in the bedding area of the iron.

The Gunmetal
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