H055: Japanese wooden DAIKOKU statue NETSUKE with sign


CONDITION : Good. ( Used. A small chip. )
SIZE : Width 1.3 in : Length 1.2 in : Height 2.2 in : Weight 20 g
This is a Japanese wooden NETSUKE. This was made about 50 years ago.
Although this is not so old NETSUKE, it is never imitation and a toy.
Of course, this is serious NETSUKE which the specialist made. This hsa a maker's sign.
This is made well and is very good work. It is a good DAIKOKU image.
DAIKOKU is one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology.
He is the god of wealth, or of the household, particularly the kitchen.
NETSUKE is an ornamental button for suspending a pouch in old days.
It attached it to a samurai's pillbox or a pouch and hung it to a waist.
It is an item connected with Japanese culture deeply.
The modern Japanese attaches NETSUKE to a mobile telephone and a key and is popular.
Please purchase it at this opportunity, and please add this to your Japanese collection.
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