H579: Japanese Culture KAGURA Mask "KUSHINADA-HIME


CONDITION : Good. ( Used. Little damages. )
SIZE : Width 5.0" : Height 7.8" : Weight 230g
This is a KAGURA mask "KUSHINADA-HIME" of Japanese gypsum ware.
This was made about 70 years ago.
This is the very good KAGURA mask seriously made by the specialist.
And, this is the mask actually used by the KAGURA dancer of the "Bitchu Kagura".

KUSHINADA-HIME is a one of famous goddess of a Japanese mytholog
It is said that she and SUSANONO-MIKOTO are husband and wife.
And, he is many-sided God, such as the God of agriculture and the God of matchmaking , etc.

*KAGURA(Shinto music and dance numbers)*
KAGURA is a specific type of Shinto theatrical dance with roots arguably predating those of Noh.
Once strictly a ceremonial art derived from KAMIGAKARI (oracular divination) and CHINKON(spirit pacification), KAGURA has evolved in many directions over the span of a millennium.
Today it is very much a living tradition, with rituals tied to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar,
as well as vibrant KABUKI theatre, thriving primarily in parts of Shimane prefecture,
and urban centers such as Hiroshima.

Please decorate it in the room and use for making the space of Japanese style.
Please purchase it at this opportunity, and please add this to your
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