Habro Star Wars Unpainted Tessek Hardcopy Prototype

Hey t friends and fellow fanatics! I'm listing some very rare items from my personal collection this week and this week only! T should be something for everyone, so please take a look at my other auctions!!
Up for bid is an Unpainted Tessek Hardcopy Prototype! This could have been used to tool the molds that were used overseas to produce thousands of Tessek action figures. After the figure is sculpted in wax they make molds and cast these Hardcopies from a resin that is used by most companies for action figure production. These are extremely rare and this one is particularity nice, it has beautifully sharp details and as you can see in the pictures, it can be disassembled to show the individual parts. Today I am also offering a Painted Hardcopy Tessek (in another auction) so this is an opportunity to have a HC set, which is quite a difficult accomplishment in and of itself!
Just a quick note about me, I've been a respected member of the Star Wars collecting community for over 15 years, I've moderated the forums at several websites for years including and and I've purchased items from some of the most reputable collectors and from several contacts I've made in the toy industry! All shipping charges will be determined after the auction , I pack all my items very carefully and never charge crazy shipping rates over the actual
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