Hackney Pony Legends Ltd Ed Kitty Cantrell Starlite

Hackney Pony Legends Ltd Ed Kitty Cantrell Starlite Description Limited to edition of 2500. Hackney Pony sculpture from the Equine Collection, Legends by Starlite Originals.

ORIGINS: England. Began in the 18th century in Norfolk and Yorkshire.

BREED PROFILE: Hackneys come in both horse and pony sizes. They were principally used as carriage horses/ponies making them virtually indispensable until the 1920's when they were gradually replaced by motorized vehicles. Today the Hackney horse and pony are usually seen in the show ring and in driving competitions. They are even beginning to be used in dressage, show jumping and eventing. Today the Hackney horse and pony is considered a "rare" breed.

CHARACTERISTICS: Lively and energetic. Possesses enormous stamina and the ability to trot for many miles without tiring. Known for its extravagant, high stepping gait w the knees rise as high as possible and the hocks are brought up right under the body. This action should be spectacular, fluid and energetic with the horse/pony carrying its head and tail high with an arched neck.

By Kitty Cantrell/Caroline Boydston. Beautiful limited edition sculpture. 10 inches long, mint in box from Starlite Originals. Wonderful addition to your Equine collection. Suggested retail is $80.

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