HADRIAN 124AD Ancient Silver Roman Coin CLEMENTIA

[ 1882]

Certified Authentic Ancient
Hadrian - Roman Emperor: 117-138 A.D. -
Silver Denarius 19mm (3.26 grams) Rome mint: 124 A.D.
Reference: RIC 117c, S 3463
IMPCAESARTRAIANHADRIANVSAVG - Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
PMTRPCOSIII Exe: CLEM - Clementia standing left, holding patera over altar, elbow rests on column while holding scepter.

Provided with certificate of authenticity.

by Sergey Nechayev, PhD -
Numismatic Expert

In Roman mythology , Clementia was the goddess of forgiveness and mercy. She was deified as a celebrated virtue of Julius Caesar , who was famed for his forbearance, especially following Caesar's civil war with Pompey from 49 BC. In 44 BC, a temple was consecrated to her by the Roman Senate , possibly at Caesar's instigation as Caesar was keen to demonstrate that he had this virtue. In a letter to his friend Atticus , Cicero is discussing Caesar's clementia : "You will say they are frightened. I dare say they are, but I'll be bound they're more frightened of Pompey than of Caesar. They are delighted with his artful clemency and fear the other's wrath." Again in For Deistarus Cicero discusses Caesar's virtue of clementia . "Yes, you, Gaius Caesar, are the only conqueror in 34 whose hour of triumph none save combatants
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