Hagen Renaker California Pottery ceramic Pair Of Cows Dairy Farm

Hagen-Renaker California Pottery ceramic art

I purchased a fairly large collection of
Hagen Renaker Pottery-

I am not an expert...but the person that I purchased it from told me that it was her Mom's- That her Mom was a big collector in the late 1950's.

Please be your own judge as to the item as I am not an expert- I have looked up many pieces and the ones I have checked are Hagen Renaker

All items were glued with a hot glue gun to a piece of light cardboard- To play it safe...I took one off easily to make sure they could come off easily-

I will be listing many more over the next couple of months so please check back-

If you are looking for a specific piece let me know and I will list it if I have it

Please look at pictures carefully and feel free to ask questions-