BEADED HAIR PLATE,,,, historically accurate reproduction hair plate Great Plains-1880s ,,,,nice hand made tradesilver(German silver)PLAINS TYPE conchas-16 pc.,,,,,,beadwork panel-old Venetian seed beads:red white hearts,night blue,corn yellow,chalk white,,,,,,,imitation eagle feathers-hand painted turkey feathers,,,,,dyed horse hair,,,,,quillwork on the feathers,,,,white turkey fluff,,,,,quilled thongs with red fluff,,,,,,old brass beads on back side,,,,,natural pigment dyed,,,carved elk hoof with quilled thongs,,,,white selvedge-green trade cloth and red trade cloth,,,,small beaded medicine pouch,,,,all sewn GENUINE elk sinew,,,total lenght is 145cm(58"),,,,,the hair plate is in exellent condition,,,,this is a very nice item to your collection,,,the hair plate has an overall aged appearance,,.SHIPPING COST 15,USD!!!!REGISTERED+PRIORITY MAIL PAYMENT-US COSTUMERS ONLY PAYPAL,EU COUNTRIES-PAYPAL OR BANK TRANSFER!!!!