Hakata doll,ningyo,a very rare find.The face feature is amazing.On the erotic side is some big piece broken out,t is a big hole,as you can see in the picture.Otherwies t are small scuff marks,dust from age and on one sleeve is a tiny damage.The age is unknown,but looks quite old.

The origin of this doll making goes back to around the 17th.century, when Fukuoka Castle was built. Soshichi Masaki, one of the artisans engaged in the making of rooftiles for the castle.He made pottery dolls as a hobby, and presented a archetype Hakata doll to the lord of the castle. Then, at the beginning of the 19th century a doll maker who was a family friend of the descendants of Soshichi Masaki, laid the foundations of the present-day craft of Hakata doll making.

The dolls are made from clay found near Fukuoka City. Clay is carved and sculptured to make an original doll. The original doll is molded in plaster and clay is put into the plaster cast to make the same ones as the original doll. The dolls are removed, dried, fired unglazed and then painted for final finishing. One striking characteristic of the dolls is the uniquely smooth transparent feeling of the white skin. Since a single artisan carries out the whole process from carving and sculpturing to final finishing, each doll reflects the individual creativity of its maker,
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