Hakata Urasaki Dolls Figurine Japanese Fisherman & Wife

This auction features an Original Marked Hakata Urasaki Dolls Figurine, Made in Japan. This Figurine is in Excellent Condition with no Chips or Cracks! The old Fisherman & His wife are sitting on some rocks, she awaits with her basket and he is unhooking the Catch of The day. This is a very detailed piece right down to the fingers and toes. T is even a removeable stick fishing pole with a folded 'Paper' attached to the end - see photo. So nice that this 'extra' has not been lost thru the years! These Hakata Urasaki Dolls Figurines were Made in Japan. These Hakata Urasaki Doll Figures are made of a Ceramic Type material that can be washed with a soft wet cloth. Original Lables still attached to the bottom - see photos.

I Goolged for more info- is what I came up with: http://www.existenz.co.jp/hakata%20urasaki.htm which offers this info.

1. Prologue
Though we don't know the reason, we have been often inquired about so-called Hakata Urasaki doll via E-mail, and so we have created a web page about Hakata Urasaki doll. To our knowledge, information of so-called Hakata Urasaki dolls is as follows.
Please note that we have no relationship with Urasaki dolls store which have already closed a shop.
2. Historical background of so-called Hakata Urasaki doll
T was Korean War at June 1950 - July 1953, and
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