Half Doll 3.5" Hertwig 22674 arms away fancy hairdo

3 ½" Beautiful Victorian Lady Half doll with arms away, blue band across fancy hairdo.#22674 by Hertwig & Co. This lady has her brown hair in a bun at the top of her head. The hair is painted with strokes that give the appearance of individual strands. She has a blue band in her hair and her head tilts to the right. Her right arm is gracefully held at hip level while the left is bent upward. Both hands are molded as though to hold and object. This half-doll is beautifully sculpted and painted. This description was found on page 60 of Half Doll price guide by Sally Van Luven and Susan Graham. This lovely half doll was found on page 226 Encyclopedia of half doll by Frieda Marion and Norma Werner
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