Half roll of Full Date Buffalo Nickels--Nice, Clear Dates!

This is an auction for one half roll of 20 Buffalo Nickels. These nickels all have full dates. By "full date" I mean that you can distinguish all four of the numbers of each date on each coin. Some of these dates are sharp and very clear. A few of them are fainter. But ALL coins have four digits. A couple of these coins have mintmarks. As you can see from the photos, two of these coins are from the 1920s. The rest are from the 1930s. The coins in the photo are the coins you will receive
Please add $2.00 for shipping. Win more than one of my auction, and still pay just $2.00--no matter how many auctions you win (even if you win them on different days--as long as I can ship all of the items in the same package). Please check out my feedback and .
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