HALF A SIXPENCE 3sh '68 McGinnis art of Tommy Steele with banjo, from H.G. Wells novel!

An Original 1968 Vintage Theatrical Folded Three-Sheet Movie Poster (3sh; measures 41" x 81" [104 x 206 cm])
Half a Sixpence, the 1967 George Sidney English romantic musical starring Tommy Steele, Julia Foster, and Cyril Ritchard (U.S.)
Condition: good -- There is some staining on the back of the part of the poster that was on the outside when it was fully folded, but it does not have much effect on the front. There are some creases and several tears along the foldlines that were on the outside when the poster was fully folded. There are some creases, smudges, and tiny tears on some foldlines, and some tiny paper loss at some crossfolds.