Hallmark Frosty Friends Lot 1989 1992, 1993 Special, 1994, 2000, 2001 + mini

Here is a lot of 6 regular sized Hallmark Frosty Friends and one mini. All in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or fading.

1990 - Little Frosty Bell Ringer from the mini wreath - He is # 1 of 4 that clip on the little wreath. Box good, but tag missing.

1989 Series # 10 - Frosty with Husky in Dog sled - excellent ornament - box is rather battered, paper loss and mildew spots - see photos.

1992 Series # 13 - Frosty Eskimo with Killer Whale - excellent ornament, with original plastic packing. Box has top crease, front print loss, tag starting to come off.

1993 Special Hallmark 20 years Ornament Anniversary piece. Eskimo with penguin at Igloo with husky inside. This is a more elaborate piece, not part of the numbered series, but to commemorate 20 years of Keepsake Ornament and this info is etched into the bottom. Dates 1973 & 1993 are on each side of the igloo. Husky inside is wrapping present with ribbon in his mouth. Over his fireplace it says, "Dome Sweet Dome." Box has some creases and a small tear, but has price tag.

1994 Series # 15 - Frosty Eskimo with Polar Bear jumping through Wreath - box has a couple of minor creases & has price tag.

2000 Series # 21 - Frosty Eskimo Ice Carving with Seal - excellent box has very minor corner scuffs and has price tag.

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