Hallmark Halloween Hauntington Town Hall - NIB

Welcome to Hauntington, one of the spookiest ghost towns in the U.S.A. The Hauntington Town Hall resides in this mysterious city and is part of the Hallmark Hauntington Collection of Halloween products. You won't find Hauntington on any map but every October, when Halloween season rolls around, it seems to appear out of now This eerie establishment is approximately 11 1/4" wide, 5" deep beginning at the front steps, and 13 1/4" tall overall. A black witch weathervane sits on the very top of the building. The lanterns beside the front doors beckon you with a welcoming glow. The building is open in the back, and has an overhead light on the first floor and also one at the attic level to provide light to the second floor. Both floors are decorated with the appropriate scenes. This allows you to place Halloween figures inside the hall if desired, although none are included. T is audio as well with several different expressions. This is one decoration that is viewable 360 degrees. The Hauntington Town Hall is an excellent addition to your Halloween decorations whether you are adding it to your Hauntington Ghost Town collection or using it in another display. Three "AAA" batteries are required for lights and sound and are not included . The building is also supplied with a DC power jack and a cord which can be used with a Hallmark Power ... read more