Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics



Collector’s Card

With an appearance similar to full-size motor scooters of the day, the 1966 GARTON Super-Sonda was sure to stir up excitement. Its chain drive mechanism added realism by providing a smooth, swift ride. The Sidewalk Cruisers model has all the feature of the original, including a rack on the back, banana-style seat, rubber tires, and working pedals.

The Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic is die-cast. The scale-model car is an authentic reproduction of an original pedal car. The details include working pedals and wheels just like the original pedal car. The locomotive comes in the original package with a collector card.

Price tag on box: Yes

Item condition: Mint

Box condition: Excellent

More than 130 Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics have been issued since the line began in 1992. Many refer to all of these as sidewalk cruisers. Until they stopped production, Hallmark designed them to be copies of early day pedal cars and planes, wagons and tricycles that children would cruise around their neighborhoods. These replicas are made of heavy die cast metal with considerable detail.

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