You are bidding on a Hallmark Legends in Flight F-14A Tomcat which was released in 1999. This replica plane is a 1/48 scale model and was a limited edition. The serial number is 17,894 of 24,500. The U.S. Navy's F-14A Tomcat is arguably the best fighter/interceptor ever built. As proof, nearly 30 years after being introduced, the Tomcat remains the preeminent superfighter in the world. This is a great item for your military plane enthusiast or any plane collector. This was item #QHA1006 and originally sold for $40.00 at Hallmark. This plane is in the first group of four planes put out by Hallmark. This is the first time the box has ever been opened. I always open the boxes to ascertain that the described item is actually in the box. Plane has never been removed from packaging. The plane has excellent detail. It comes with a pamphlet describing the history of the plane and a certificate of authenticity. Box and plane are Mint.


In June 1968, anticipating the need to replace the F-4 Phantom II, the U.S. Navy approached several aerospace companies asking for proposals. At the time, it was determined that the primary missions for the proposed aircraft would include fighter sweep/escort, fleet defense, and ground attack.

The submissions from Grumman and McDonnell Douglas were selected for final
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