Hallmark Puppy Love Ornaments #1-#112 1991-2002 SET

Hello and Welcome to My Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Sale.

You are bidding on a rare set. This Puppy Love series collection is from over a period of 12 years.

You are bidding on the entire collection!

#1 Puppy Love - Dated 1991(Puppy on candy cane), First in Series. This little puppy wears a heart-shaped brass tag because he's as puppy lovable as can be! Slight wear on box only on the back.

#2 Dated 1992, (puppy in basket) This friendly schnauzer puppy is as happy as can be. He loves the chance to decorate a merry Christmas tree!

#3 Dated 1993, (puppy on sled) This golden retriever is coming to brighten your holiday--He'll slide right in with his puppy dog grin and steal your heart away!

#4 Dated 1994, (puppy wrapped with garland) Poodles all love Christmas, the lights, the sounds, the tree...Just ask this little vellow, and he would say "oui, oui!"

#5 Dated 1995 (puppy with ribbon) He's wrapped up in Christmas from his tail to his head, 'Cause he things that a Rottweiler looks best in red!

#6 Dated 1996 (puppy with stocking) This dachshund's got a stocking and he's holding it up high, so he will be all ready when Santa Claus comes by!

#7 Dated 1997 (puppy with slipper) At Christmastime or any time, t's nothing quite so chipper as a playful beagle puppy
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