High Quality Complete Five Piece ZOMBIE Costume (Mint and IN STOCK! Ready to ship.) PLUS SIZE (Fits up to 300 Pounds)

We at ArkhamAntiques try to carry the best Halloween Costumes! We specialize in traditional horror and Halloween (that is true monsters, scary stories, etc., not blood and gore!) As such, we try to seek out high-quality, traditional and scary items! Like this totally awesome Zombie Costume (our best seller!)!

Truly a wonderful Zombie Costume for Halloween, scaring your friends (or enemies), or your next Larp Adventure (Great for Live Cthulhu or Horror Larp -- a Arkham Cemetary resident, Ghoul, Undead, Cult Member, Rotting Corpse, Ghostly Wizard, or just a summoned being from the Necronomicon). Also works perfect for your next George Romero Dawn of Day of Land of or Night of the Living Dead! Makes a wonderful static full-size monster for a spook alley, home haunt, or haunted house. Easily made with PVC armature (pvc pipe and joints to form a basic "stick man", put this costume on, then stuff it!)

COMPLETE ZOMBIE COMES WITH: Pants with Zombie Thigh & Knee Bones; Zombie Mask with stringy, eerie Green Hair!; Shirt with Rotted flesh and chest and skeletal foreams; and skeletal gloves! You add she shoes (and a coat if you like). Everything you need. This is the Adult Plus Size (fits up to 300 pounds)
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