Halloween Witch Spell/Potion Book with Spell, hp, ooak


I'm offering my "Halloween Witch Spells & Potions" Book. This is actually a previously used storage box that appears to be made of some sort of paper mache. Measurements are approximately 11 1/2 long, 10 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

I've painted this box in jet black and heavily antiqued it to give it that perfect old world look. Edges of the "pages' are finished in antique gold. I've attached a wonderful piece of ribbon for you to mark your favorite "spells" and "potions" "pages". To the left side of the "book", near the binding side is worn, which gives it the appearance of being used by some old Halloween witch for many years.

Inside you'll find all the ingredients for casting the perfect Halloween "spell". A black "raven" feather, the scented candle (but please, for display only, not to be lit), a very "old" candle holder in which to place the "magic" candle. Around the candle you'll find a "rusty" chain with two "ancient" "luck" charms attached. And, if you follow the instructions correctly, they are never to be removed... T's a sheer black, drawstring "purse of MAGIC", and OH!!!, let's not forget the "magic spell"!!!!!

I've composed a "magic spell" that when followed to a "tee" will "cast" well wishes to ALL!!!!! But, I will not divulge this spell. That's only for the winning
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