HALL'S CATARRH CURE ~ Medicinal Bottle ~ Lt. Green ~ NM


Beautiful clear green glass. Almost 4 1/2 " tall with 1 5/8 " diameter base. Seam goes to bottom of the neck. Exceptionally clean condition, no hazing or discoloration. A few small captured bubbles. NO breaks nor cracks of any kind.

HALL'S CATARRAH CURE is embossed sideways in 3 lines, bottom to top. Indented bottom with tiny circular mold point.





Bottom: Four mold markings around edge and one in the center

This is a nice one to add to a medicinal bottle collection.

Personally purchased at an antique shop, Rt 10, Swansey, New Hamphire on 08-05-70 during the early years of growing my collection.

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