HALO JUMPMASTER miniature Freefall Parachutist wings

These are miniature USA HALO (High Altitude- Low Opening) Jump Master Military Free Fall parachutist qualification wings like the full size wings awarded to the graduates of the JFK Special Warfare School's Military Free Fall JUMPMASTER course. Only graduates of this very elite school can wear this badge. Normally graduates make between 25 and 30 HALO jumps during the course of instruction. HALO Jumps are made from 12,500 feet above ground level to above 20 thousand feet AGL. HALO Jumpmasters must be able plan, control and supervise every aspect of High Altitude Parachute Operations. They must sucesssfully demonstrate their ability to inspect HALO rigged jumpers (JMPI), determine the high altitude release or exit point, give all jump commands, exit an aircraft, fall stable with combat equipment, including weapon and rucksack, wearing an oxygen mask at night and conduct a tactical assembly with a group. The students who attend the HALO Jumpmaster school are selected from U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces, Air Force Combat Control Teams and Para Rescue, Navy Seals and Marine Force Recon teams. These are regulation miniature size Jumpmaster HALO wings for wear on the mess dress uniform, but are also popular as civilian dress lapel pins, tie tacks or even worn on an off duty ball cap. The badge has two clutch backed prongs for
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