Got some more Halo Series 5 factory sealed Blind Packs. Check em out.

Next up on the auction block, exclusively for your obsessive compulsive wee man collection disorder, we have: One (1) Mega Bloks ® Halo Series 5 Minifigures Sealed Blind Pack Lot of Eight (8) #96978 Brand New Nice !!!!! Uh-huh. Mega Bloks ®. Halo. Series 5 Mini Figure Blind Packs. Got a nice little lot of eight (8) for you right here in this auction. Here's the info on the characters from this series:

Active Camo UNSC Flame Marine ( Ultra Rare ) Pink Hayabusa Spartan ( Rare ) Purple UNSC Spartan ( Rare ) Blue UNSC Flame Marine Green UNSC Pilot Purple Covenant Brute Red UNSC Spartan Copper Elite Flight

And there you have it, the info on the characters from this Series. Now lets recap what you'll get if you win this auction, and then I'm outta here to see a Doe I know :) If you win this auction you will receive the following pictured items in the following quantities:

Eight (8) Mega Bloks ® Halo Series 5 #96978 Factory Sealed Blind Packs (note: no guarantee of any specific figure as blind packs are random, and some figures are more rare than others).

Deerstyle ™ (.99 cent starting NO RESERVE!!!!!! having) is how we get down

Thanks for looking, good luck, and as always, !!!!!! Make sure you stop by and check out all the other cool Mega Bloks ® stuff I have for sale here at my eBay Store . skylers_junk, the stuff you want for the prices you want to pay (well, the price someone wanted to pay anyways, maybe just not you). It just doesn't get any better than that.


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