Hamilton Chronometer model #22

This beauty keeps good time, it is in very good condition,movement is shiny, This Hamilton chronometer originally came with a square box but it was inhareted to me with it missing

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Hamilton W.W. II era model 22 gimbaled deck watch . U.S. Navy marked. This is a nice example of the Hamilton gimbaled model 22 chronometer watch. The model 22 chronometer watch was designed and built to meet the needs of the U.S. Navy in W.W. II. It is a 35 size, 21 jewel lever escapement chronometer. The watch is in a very heavy solid brass tub with a screw on base. It is in excellent condition. The movement is signed "USN Bureau of Ships". The back of the brass tub is marked "Bureau of Ships" & "U.S. Navy" with a Naval Observatory serial number of 2647 and a contract date of 1942.

This watch is an excellent timekeeper. It will run for approximately 60 hours on a single winding. It is intended, however, to be wound at the same time every day. An up/down indicator shows the winding condition. A detailed description of the timepiece can be found in Whitney's book: Military Timepieces. The Hamilton Watch Co. put many very sophisticated innovations into this deck chronometer, and it may be arguably the finest mass produced lever escapement timepiece. Some of the innovations incorporated into
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