Hamm's Beer SceneORama Sign Motion Lighted Scrolling HIDDEN MESSAGE + Bonus!

From the land of sky blue waters... Hamms, the beer refreshing... Vintage Hamm's Beer SceneORama Sign Motion Lighted Scrolling with the infamous "hidden message". Many urban legends surround the Scene-o-Rama, like a disgruntled artist hiding a profanity somewhere in the artwork of the Northwoods scroll because he got stiffed on payment. The message is in photo 2. Great Christmas gift. People would often sit for hours and marvel at the ingenuity that went into making this sign. It is in very nice condition and completely working with no lines, plastics are nice too. It features the scrolling campsite with fire and canoe with running water and waterfall. Also included is an MP3 player with speakers that includes the Hamms jingle, several nature effects such as running water rapids, several waterfalls, birds in nature, and more. Also on the MP3 are some Hamms commercials from the 60's (black and white) that you can download to your computer to enjoy. You will not be dissapointed with this sign. Look at the pictures and . Thanks for looking.