Hand Carved Basswood Hitty F A Special Hitty for a Special Family

Across our big earth in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina a wood carver tirelessly works on little Hitty dolls that make him smile. He knows that they will soon travel many miles north to America to live in loving homes with families and friends. They will be sanded, sealed, painted, and dressed in various styles. They will whisper their names to their new moms and it will be so exciting for all.

Hitty F is exactly 6 1/4" and has the body shape and size of the real Hitty. Her limbs move in tandem and have feet that were carved and attached just as the real Hitty did. She is very strong and well balanced. Her white wood is from WI in the USA. She is hoping so much that someone will see her and want to love her. She has a faint heart in her wood and it is so big with beats of anticipation. Hitty F has a few birthmarks that would make her very special according to the beliefs of many cultures. These are not weak spots, but natural markings in the wood.

These dolls are not for children unless supervised.

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