Hand Carved Wood Tea/Cocktail Serving Tray, Glass Top

If you're a ROSE lover, this just may be the item for you.

I bought this tray on Ebay, because it was so beautiful, and nicely carved. I'm afraid it just doesn't fit my decor or my needs, so I'm letting someone else have the opportunity to serve with it.

Because of the glare from the glass, it was very difficult to photograph this tray, and the pictures came out way too dark. The color of the wood looks very much like Walnut. Probablyl the second photo, which just shows part of the tray, is closest to the true color.

I don't know how old this tray is-- but I'm guessing the 1940's, because of the screws used to hold the bottom-- and the fact that the bottom part of the tray is the same wood --- not an inferior material... and finished just like the top part.

The tray is fairly large, measuring 23 3/4 inches long, including the handles. It's 12 inches wide, and stands more than 1 1/4 inch high.