Hand decorated, 22k gold, Weeping-Bright Gold

I am selling several items for my aunt. I don't know much about the items other than what she tells me. These are all items my uncle had collected over the years and all my aunt told me was that they were all old. I am not sure how old, or w he got them from specifically, but I have listed as much info as I have. I do know that he was both a Korean and Vietnam War vet and several of these items were probably picked up overseas when he was over t This dish is ceramic, gold colored with 22k gold across the entire thing. The gold is not solid, but beaded like water all over it. It says "Hand Decorated - 22K. Gold U.S.A. - Weeping-Bright Gold" on the bottom. I have put two photos and could always send more if these aren't clear enough. If you have any questions I will answer them to the best of my ability and if you have info to let me know more about what it is I would be much appreciative. To keep things simple for me, I have listed as Paypal only. Payment is due with in 7 days of auction ending. Shipping will be $5.00 for Priority with Delivery Confirmation for customers in the US. It will be $8.50 International and insurance or delivery confirmation will not be available. Insurance will be an additional $1.35 if the item stays under $50.00 and $2.30 if over $50.00. Insurance is optional, but if it breaks in shipping and you don't ... read more