Hand drawn Survey Map-Luzerne-Carbon-Schuylkill Co PA

Note: I have three similar hand-drawn and overlapping warrant/survey type maps listed on three separate auctions this week. Each map is hand drawn and they pertain to a small part of Lehigh (formerly Northampton ) County, a small part of Schuylkill County , and part of Luzerne County and Carbon County . Each will be described more fully on each auction. I believe each map is old – impossible to date because t are no dates on them. I can only go by the type of paper and what is named on the maps. These maps certainly were not done recently – and someone spent a lot of time making them. Two are on an older type of paper and the other is on a tracing type of paper.

All maps have named creeks – which is how I was able to figure out what counties these maps covered. Some have railroads marked, old “turnpike” roads, “Old Northampton County Line”, Hazelton Company Coal Lands, Summit Mine, Beaver Pond Survey, etc. These maps do appear to show the original warrants or surveys because I compared the names to some of the warrant/survey maps that are available.

This listing is for a hand-drawn map on paper (seems to be a thin “rag-type” paper but I am no authority on paper). It measure about 24 inches by 13 inches and was pieced together at the time it was made.

Condition : Fair to good. T is separation along the fold lines
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