Hand Forged 9260 Spring Steel Oniyuri Bujinkan Katana

WARNING: I have hadseveral customers end up with stitches from the swords I sell. For thisreason I want everyone to understand that a Katana sword can easily be as sharp as a RAZOR BLADE.
The Katana's I sell are very sharp, they are not toys, they are real weapons. I of course will not be held responsible for anything, anyone does with the swords I sell.
Special thanks to all my customers. I hope you have a great day and I send my best wishes to you and yours.
Hand Forged 9260 Spring Steel Oniyuri Bujinkan Katana
Special thanks to Paul Chen (not Hanwei) for the following information.
The Oniyuri is a very specialized and very unique sword only available through Cheness and no w else. Originally, it was custom made for a few specific dojo customers of the Bujinkan Federation. It is similar to, but differs in many area to the Cheness Onibasu. Cheness has since decided to make this specialized katana available to the general public without the need to custom order one through a dojo.
The Oniyuri is made of the extremely resilient 9260 Spring Steel to withstand various exercises within the dojo setting.
What really makes this sword unique is its specific dimensions of various components. The blade is a shorter 23" in length to allow for faster maneuvering... However, it is housed in a regular length saya
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