Hand Forged Hunting Knife Custom Made Knives Antler

This knife and sheath are completly hand made from start to finish by myself, Ben Browning. The mirror polished blade was hand forged from 1095 steel. It is differentially tempered, which means that the edge is hard and holds a very sharp (razor) edge while the spine is springy, making it durable. The blade is false edged on the spine from about halfway to the tip.

The handle is made from elk antler with buffalo horn, nickel silver, and red fiber spacers. The fittings are hand ground from nickel silver and mirror polished. The blade length is about 4 1/4" and the entire knife length is about 8 1/2" .

The sheath is made of 6/7oz vegetable tanned leather and is beautifully tooled. It has been dyed dark brown with black highlights and is completly hand stitched with waxed linen. It has also been treated with Obenauf's LP for durability. Thank you for your interest.