Hand Lathe Dowels, Shells Trim Die, Well Made!

This is a very nicely made hand crank lathe, that came with some various types of tools including ammunition (shell) reloading tools and machines. This lathe puzzles us, as it has no maker's name on it, so we don't know for sure what it's design application was. It has a removable brass collet inside the housing, and the collet can be tighten down to a bit under .5" diameter. The clearance hole nearest to the cutter measures .58" diameter, and the one in the threaded end is .63" diameter, both precision ground holes, and on center of the movement of the cutter assembly. The cutter position is adjustable, and is designed to crank in a concentric circular motion around whatever is being held in the collet. I see no reason why this lathe wouldn't cut brass or aluminum, as it is very heavy duty. The cutter is sharp, and is .76" wide. The thumbscrew on the cutter assembly near the crank handle (in fact touches the crank handle) is spring loaded and allow the user to adjust the size of the part being cut. I tested this unit with a 1/2" diameter wood dowel pin, and it cuts wood just fine, and it crank very smoothly, not loose or sloppy, on center. The collet held the dowel just fine also, and didn't damage it. I don't reload ammo, but I did have a dowel to test this unit. The knurled section is 4.04" from the end of the threaded cap in ... read more