HAND MADE RARE Chinese Sewing Basket Silk Tassels 1900-1920 From Betty-lou 05

EXTREMELY RARE Chinese Sewing Basket Hand Made Silk Tassels circa 1900-1920 From Betty-lou's private collection used for research to create the "Chinese Sewing Baskets" Book.

What we have for sale is Royal Blue Silk Chinese Sewing Basket Tassels. 2 DOUBLE Tassels - length: 6" (to top of knot)

Please see photos.

Photo # 1, is of the ROYAL BLUE tassels on sale, photo # 2 is an example from the Chinese Sewing Baskets Book of pg. 122, and photo # 3 is an example of the "Chinese Sewing Baskets" Book.

These tassels are extremely rare, and have never been used or attached to a Chinese Sewing Basket, as intended. They were made between 1900- 1920, and were found in a dusty storage room in The Old China Town, SF. Since they were never used they are in mint condition. You will not be able to find these tassels anywhere in the world, we've tried.

More info on these tassels:

"Found in sets of two, each tassel consists of a long cord ending with a decorative symbolic knot followed with a small glass bead and a solid body cylinder with the Chinese character for longevity woven into it silk covering. Thee cylinder bodies are made of newspaper or other used printed paper tightly hand rolled which are enclosed with silk thread." taken from the book Chinese Sewing Baskets.

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