Hand made Petura glass Jellyfish Marble 1 1/4

Here is something special from my collection a Mike Petura Jellyfish it measures an 1 1/4" in wet mint cond.signed on the bottom MP 05 Mike and I were neighbors and friends he lived around the corner from me in Oceanside Ca. and I used to watch him make his marbles in his garage he even tried to teach me how did not work out to well unless you like flat spots allover your marble. He made this one for me right before i moved to Arizona and then to Colorado I didn't even know he had passed away until I went looking for him when I was visiting Oceanside I just couldn't believe it. Most people know him from his Jellyfish marbles but he made many other wonderful marbles. I included a picture of Mike making marbles in here just to share it.
Now this is not actually a marble it is art glass and it is flattened on the bottom as you can see by the pictures.
I have been collecting marbles for about 15 years and consider myself fairly accurate when it comes to
ID of most marbles and if I don't describe something correctly I'm sure someone will enlighten me. I have not been collecting for the
last couple of years, been too busy with life. I have quite a few nice mibs that I will be listing but I'm testing the waters I don't really
want to give them away but it's time for someone to enjoy them they spend too much time in
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