HAND PAINTED Civil War Toy Soldiers Union wounded returning to Camp vignette!

You are bidding on SIX of my hand painted 54mm Civil War Union Infantry depicting a typical vignette of returning wounded figures after a battle had taken place, dressed as they might appear in 1863 in the Army Of The Potomac!
Included with this set you receive ONE Marx (recast) well , one wounded Marx (recast) seated wounded figure sitting propped up on the well, and five Accurate poses: a CUSTOMIZED sentry standing holding his rifle cradled in his arms, observing the group walking into the camp area, another sentry standing with his rifle at his side in full back pack, and a standing at attention soldier and one marching figure, both with full back packs and equipment! The last figure is very uniquely posed walking wounded figure using his rifle as a crutch` The customized sentry comes molded with a slouch hat and I changed his head and hat using some of the brand new Paragon Civil War soldiers' heads for this conversion to make him look more like a typical Eastern theatre Union soldier!
The figures come dressed in typical Union uniforms of dark blue jackets and sky blue trousers, with their weapons, equipment and accoutrements accurately depicted! And keep in mind I combine shipping with multiple set purchases to save you on shipping!
This highly detailed group would make an interesting looking display in most
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