Hand Painted NONNI'S Glazed Biscotti Jar With Lid

You are bidding on a Hand Painted Biscotti Jar made exclusively for NONNI's. The lid comes with this jar.

*Colors in this jar are yellows, navy blue, purple, oranges, brown, green's and a rusty red.

*I have never filled this jar. It came with wraped cookies, but I removed the cookies and have never used it.

*Condition of this jar is very good.

*T are no chips or knicks.

*T is some crazing on the lid on the top. The rubber seal on the lid is in excellent condition and has a great suction to it. (I never used this jar, so lid has only been removed to take cookies out and to take these photos.)

*On the side of the jar w the navy blue paint is next to one of the peaches, t is a small mark. It appears that during the molding process, it looks as if something small dug slightly into the clay, but this is so minor and I only mention it because I don't want the winning bidder to say I didn't point it out. It took a long time for me to find this flaw and I couldn't get it to photograph because it is too small. Other than that, I cannot find any other noticeable chips, cracks or crazing. This jar is so pretty, but my kitchen is a completely different color than the colors in the jar, so I decided to list it while it is still in very good condition. Again, I have never used this jar. You
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