Hand Painted Orange Rooster on Black Amethyst Carnival Nest #Z10

This is a large “Rooster on a Nest”... with so many stunning features that I’m not sure where to begin!!!... Let’s start out with getting the basics out of the way... and then check out all of the neat stuff!!!...

This is a big “Bird”!!!... When on the Nest He sets 7 & 3/4 inches tall... and about 9 inches long. The Nest by itself is 3 ¼ inches tall...6 ¼ inches wide... and almost 8 inches long. Both the Rooster... and His Nest appear to be in excellent condition. I’m finding no “maker’s mark” anywhere on either the Rooster... or his Nest.

I did some research on this extraordinary “fellow”... and I’ll pass on... for what it’s worth... what I’ve learned. Mosser Glass produced only about 84 of these large Roosters in 2006 in six different “hand applied” colors. In two of the colors they only did “one each”... and the other four colors they did 20 of each. But what we don’t know is who’s glass molds they used. As far as we know Mosser does not own the mold for this Rooster. One “expert” thought that Fenton produced them for Mosser... and that Mosser in turn hand decorated each Rooster... and then refired them at 1100 degrees to “set the paint”. But for some reason no Bases for these Roosters were made at that time. We had six of the correct bottoms in stock... ( this is the same base that’s used on the large hen
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