Hand Printed, India Cotton, Block Print Fabric. 5 Yards

Hand Printed Cotton Fabric

From Heritage Trading Company

In India, the Rajasthani village of Sanganer has been known for its block print textiles since the 18th century. Hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye and stamped onto the stretched cloth. This process must be repeated for each color in the printed pattern. The work is done in small, family-run studios.

Sanganeri craftsman uses a wooden block to print cotton fabric.

If you like the style of Provence in Southern France, you'll be interested to know that these block prints are "Les Indiennes," the imported Indian cottons that inspired the French to develop their famous Provencal fabrics, beginning in the 17th century. You can see the similarities in the vibrant colors and the small, regularly spaced motifs.

With their historic background, these block print fabrics may be just what you need for your SCA, LARP, Renaissance Faire, Civil War, reenactor, or other reproduction, period costumes.

Using carved wooden blocks, a traditional floral motif was hand printed onto this light weight, 100% cotton fabric. Print Colors: Turquoise Blue, Gray Background Color: White Fabric Length: 5 Yards (4.6 Meters) Fabric Width: 44 Inches (1.1 Meters) Fabric: Light Weight Cotton

This fabric is brand new , not "vintage." In other words, it'

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