Hand Wrought Creations by Rodney Kent #407

This auction is for a beautiful serving piece that is as useful as it is gorgeous. It was found in an old house attic. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to a local food pantry to feed the hungry and help provide basic sundries. Please be generous with your bidding.

This hand wrought serving dish is approx. 7 inches across and 3 inches high without the lid. The intricate handles are approx 5 inches long and the rosebud on the top of the lid is about 2 inches tall. The entire piece appears to be hammered to give it a lovely texture. I'm sure my camera doesn't capture how beautiful this dish is.

T is a pyrex insert that is included in the auction, however, I don't think this is the original insert piece. It does fit nicely and makes this serving piece easy to clean.