Handbook for American Silver Co.World Brand Moselle

Moselle: An Illustrated Handbook for 21st Century Collectors

By Amy Grace

Finally, A Handbook Devoted to Moselle! A wonderful soft cover, professionally drafted and bound handbook which includes detailed images of all Moselle pattern pieces found in today's marketplace. It includes grape pattern history, strategies for finding the pieces you want while avoiding costly mistakes. It also includes photo archives of originally packaged Moselle pieces, the World Brand trademark, images of silver plate back stamps, copies of the original patent information and much more! T is even a section provided for Moselle owners to list and assess the value of their own collection! Most enthusiasts will appreciate the Moselle Quick Reference table...identifying every piece, every size, relative availability and relative cost in today's market. The book was created to provide something for everyone! It is well organized, easy to use and will last a lifetime.

This is a one of a kind book and the first devoted to Moselle ! Priced at less than the cost of ONE pattern piece!

* Moselle Image Gallery: 74 Different Pattern Piece Images, Some Rarely or Never Seen

* Includes More than Ten (10) Pattern Piece Images Not Seen in Suzie MacLachlin's "Grape Nuts"

* How to Find and Buy the Pieces You Want

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