Handcrafted half-hull model of the LIGHTSHIP HURON

Beautifully hand crafted half-model of the famous


No lighthouse collection is complete without a Lightship!!!

Built in New York in 1921, US Coast Guard Lightship Huron served on station at many different hazards throughout the Great Lakes.

Also known as RELIEF, GRAY'S REEF, and NORTH MANITOU SHOAL during her long career, Lightship #526 became HURON in 1936 marking the treacherous approach to the St. Clair River on Lake Huron North of Port Huron, Michigan. She dutifully served for nearly 4 decades. Decommissioned in 1971, HURON was donated to the people of Port Huron Michigan and became a Museum Ship w she remains today...

This model was totally handcrafted and painted by marine artist R. Hopper. Beautifully mounted in a mahagony frame, this terrific model measures an impressive 27 inches long by 21 inches high. It is 5 inches deep. The quality of this work shows the tedious and expert workmanship throughout. Even the brass portholes are glassed!

You will be totally impressed with this Quality Art piece