HANDEL Table Lamp Slag Glass Pond Lily Shades NeedsWork

This auction is for an original signed Handel slag glass lamp. It does need some work. The glass shades are intact and I was unable to find any cracks or chips to any of the green and white curved glass panels. T are two lamp/bulb sockets with open shades and two other stems with closed glass 'buds'. These 'buds' do not, and were never made/intended to, light (they are purely decorative).

One of the metal stems with a 'bud' has come off. T are two (white) solder points visible. The detached metal 'stem' is intact and only looks to need resoldering at the two points mentioned.

The bottom sections of the lamp/bulb sockets are distressed/damaged. It appears over the years the weight of the shades has weakened the metal of the original bottom sections of the lamp/bulb sockets and will need to be replaced. One of the bottom lamp/bulb socket sections is completely detached....the other is very weak (see photos). These lamp/bulb sockets are held in place on the stems with screws (again, please see photos). I have temporarily taped the one metal 'stem' with the loosely hanging shade from the detached lamp/bulb socket (and the loose stem with the 'bud') in order to show how the lamp should appear when fixed. The tape will be removed prior to packaging.

This lamp will need to be completely rewired. In fact, the plug
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