NEW handmade 25” RAGGEDY ANN cloth doll SCHOOL Classroom STORY-STARTER, ooak

Thissweet Story-Starter ANNIE wears a special classroom-inspired apron over a two-toneyellow dress. Her apron features a scattering of numbers and letters, a ruler, and a row of happy children raising their hands asking the teacher to, “Pick me! … me! … meee!” She also wears a matching bow in her curly red hair.

This particular Annie is also one of my new, unique STORY-STARTER Creations. She comes with a set of five different “story-starters,” each of which consists of a small object and a related starter-story for a child to finish. (See below for more details)

As with all of my Raggedys, Annie comes to you brand new from my smoke-free, pet-free home. Her shiny button eyes are firmly attached to her carefully hand-embroidered face, and she has the classic embroidered I Love You heart on her chest. Her body is stuffed with premium polyester fiberfill.

Annie’s tag reads, “Raggedy Ann, A Story-Starter, Raggedy Creations by Elaine … Toivola, Michigan. I have signed the back of the tag along with my logo and the year 2014. You’ll also find my logo on the back of Annie’s neck. Annie loves attention, and is always ready to share love, laughter and happy times.

My “STORY-STARTER” Story : It all began many years ago while my grandchildren were between preschool and primary grades. As grandparents tend
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